Car of the month: Men want Lamborghini

Kris’ take: Even you have to admit, this is a sweet ride? Don’t you want to be in the passenger seat right next to me? The wind blowing through your hair. I’d get in trouble if I owned this! This is what men want.

Laura’s Take: I would soooo want to be in that passenger seat next to you honey! That car is pretty sexy and I think we should get one… (if we win the lotto that is)


2 Responses to “Car of the month: Men want Lamborghini”

  1. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    Well you know that myth – That chicks dont dig it when a guy has a nice car.

    Yeh totally totally not true. A guy gets hotter when he is standing next to a sexy car.

    Every chick that attempts to deny that is lying. And this is really strange coming from my mouth because I don’t usually let the money and looks get to me so much.

    Hot cars work .. but only if the guy has a personality to go with it

    Hot Alpha Female

  2. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: This was one of our first posts, if not the first, and I still stand by it. Man that’s a sexy car. Anyone who doesn’t see a car like that and have their jaw drop either owns two or is blind!

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