Scrimping and Saving

Kris’ Take: We’re young, but we’d really like to own a house. Bills plus dating can really take a bite out of that idea though. A date here, a date there, car payment here, phone bill there. It all adds up. What do you think? Simple Dinner and a movie and you’ve spent $50.00 easily. Only once a week and that’s $200.00 a month! But if you don’t do anything then boredom will take over, and we’ve all been at the “what do you want to do? No, What do YOU want to do?” junction? Honey, what do you think?

Laura’s Take: Well Sweety, it’s a tough one. I love being pampered like the princess I am, however I don’t want to live in a trailer either. Saving up for a house is definitely a priority for any serious couple so always keep that in mind when you’re on our way to Bonefish Grill. There’s tons of great, really inexpensive date ideas out there. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a nice time. I know I like making up a picnic basket and taking it to the park. Have movie night at home, play some board games, make each other a romantic dinner, but whatever you do, don’t let the relationship get boring!  You could always work on generating passive income to help finance our dates!


4 Responses to “Scrimping and Saving”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Try owning a house AND trying to date your wife…it makes you feel like your relationship with your wife is less important than your house. It is a very delicate balance.

  2. hottamales Says:

    Kris: Sounds like it Tyler. I can only speak from common sense but make sure that it doesn’t become a reality, there probably couldn’t be anything more lonely than feeling like an inanimate object is more important. Keep that wifey before the house!

  3. Cyberevolution Says:

    I must admit, there’s far more to dating than just movies, and food; soooo stereotypical I am afraid – a proper date in my humble opinion, is just a “situation” which is not the norm where both partners get to have some fun and ‘bond’ there’s lots of ideas too… for example when was the last time you went to a museum or art gallery..??? If ever? Sound boring? Then throw something into the mix to make it fun… go to an art gallery and “pretend” your both millionaires – by the end of the date you both have to agree on the painting or art work you want to buy! Get the idea? There’s mountains of date fun to be had out that that doesn’t have to cost a penny…. you just have to remember how to be a kid again ;P

    If your really daring? Sign up for a gameshow together!! The ultimate fun date!

    You gotta admit…some of this does make sence right?

  4. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris: It certainly does make sense! It reminds me of what one of my buddies and myself used to do. We would go to one of the local steak houses, and we would just sit there and talk about stocks we were buying and selling. Sometimes we would just make completely insane claims, like buying 100,000 shares of Microsoft to give away as a marriage present, and all types of funny things. We definitly got some “are you kidding me, they’re too young to be that successful” looks. It was grand.

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