Date Tip: Blowing your nose

Kris’ Take: If there were a bigger “dating don’t”, then you’d probably end up arrested. Don’t blow your nose at the table. In fact, don’t do anything involving the nose at all! No we don’t want to hold your nose ring in our hand, we don’t want you doing that weird tickling it will all four fingers while obnoxiously breathing in, leave the nose alone. If you have a cold, go to the men’s room(Sorry, men are the usual offenders) and take care of it. You know when it makes another guy gag it’s bad. I hate eating food and hearing that obnoxious, elephant trumpet, of a sound coming from a table on the opposite side of the restaurant. This is a sure way to turn that first date, or even fifth, into a story from your past.

Hot Tamales rates this dating don’t:


12 Responses to “Date Tip: Blowing your nose”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Nice – I’ll try to keep this in mind next time I feel like blowing a snot rocket on a date.

  2. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris: That’s all we ask. 🙂

  3. Hot Tamales Says:

    Laura: Oh Kris! This post is disgusting!

  4. Mona Lisa Says:

    Ohhhh Ish!!!! Kris that is Positively the Most Sickening Post ever, what ever made you think of writing it? Hmmm something on your mind? But I have to say, whenever I hear someone BLOW their nose, I tend to Hope it ROTS off, it is Disgusting cold or Not, which brings me to ANOTHER whole subject, if you have a COLD, then what are you doing going out and giving it to everyone else???? People STOP BLOWING your nose in public, it’s Grosssss!!! If your sick STAY HOME…..

  5. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    I don’t think that this post is really that disgusting. I mean certainly its not pleasant when someone blows their nose on a date. I don’t really know, i don’t give much thoughts to these things.

    But I will say one thing which might be a little off topic. Sometimes there may be certain things about a person that you don’t necessarily like about them. But sometimes its just best to be able to look past these maybe not so nice habits they may have and see them for the real person that they are.

    In other words, don’t be a high maintenance date and never date someone again, just because they might be a messy eater at the dinner table, or don’t know how to do their own laundry or do something that you don’t necessarily approve of

    You still have to give people a chance.

    P.s This does not mean that i will tolerate nose blowing at the table though =)

    Hot Alpha Female

  6. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: Hey there Alpha, It’s been a while! Anyhow, I agree, but I think that unless those are integral parts of your personality, they should be left out if possible. I mean, if you have a cold I understand you might need to blow your nose, but what I do is excuse myself from the table. As for the laundry, that can be taught. But I agree, don’t stop seeing someone because you can’t stand how often they blink, lol.

  7. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    Yes terribly sorry, but you guys shouldn’t worry because I will always make time for this blog =)

    To be truthful i have cold right now, but its ok since i haven’t planned on going on any dates in the next week

    Yes, i just think that while obviously there are some habits that as a person you would find not appealing and would probably not want to date a person that has them. Yet on the other hand i think that it is important not to be too picky with certain people and to write them off too quickly.

    I always think the best policy to have is to be able to accept the person as they are without trying to change them. If you cant stand the person that they are, then simply don’t go out with them! But don’t worry i learnt that one the hard way =)

    Hot Alpha Female

  8. Hot Tamales Says:

    Laura’s Take: Hi Hot Alpha Female, I think that most of are “Dating Tips” are more of just things that people should think about before they step out the door. Just deciding to do something a little differently, can make a dramatic effort on how you’re perceived.

    For instance, making sure you’re wearing something classy as opposed to trashy for the first date. Sure, it matters more about what’s on the inside than the outside, but sometimes it’s hard to get over human stereotypes that clothes may suggest.

    As for blowing your nose at the table, just try and say excuse me and proceed to the restroom. I do agree with what you’re saying about not changing a person. Changing people is not something we encourage, we just want to give everyone some good advice that could make their dating lives a bit more successful.

    Personally, I think that people should try their hardest to look past those pesky little bad habits, but either way, why not just make your best first impression?

  9. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    Hi Laura,
    I definitely agree with you. When it comes to dating, first impressions may be all that you get!!! But usually this happens anyways. People when they start dating are majority of the time on their best behavior, its when they start slacking off that you can really being to the see the REAL person that you are dating.

    That’s when you have to ask yourself if you can truly accept him the way that he is =)

    Hot Alpha Female

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