Date Tip: Talking Too Much

Kris’ Take: Okay, don’t give her the silent treatment, but she doesn’t need your biography either. Save some information for another date. We know that you want to tell her all of the good deeds you’ve done, but that will just make you sound egotistical. Let her talk, let her explain, and remember, pay attention. Don’t just nod and smile but be thinking about sports, actually listen and input your comments throughout to demonstrate you’re listening. Listening is one of the most important qualities that women want in men. And guess what, very few offer it, talk about a competitive advantage! And it’s so easy to do!

Also, if there is something you don’t understand, like her being the international southwest regional branch manager of operations, ask her what that means. People love being put in the hot seat and educating. It shows that you’re interested, and it allows her to have the spotlight. People love attention, that’s why the two of you are on a date in the first place.


3 Responses to “Date Tip: Talking Too Much”

  1. flyhome Says:

    if there isn’t any chemistry, u can do nothing with these tips:-|

  2. myblog4luv Says:

    I agree. You have to act interested. One thing that people don’t understand about a first date is that you usually know in the first 5 seconds if there is any attraction. People need to take a GOOD look at themselves before leaving their house for their 1st date. A good first impression is the only one you will present. Dress approrpiately and Guys… not sandals at restaurants!

  3. Hot Tamales Says:

    Quote flyhome: “if there isn’t any chemistry, u can do nothing with these tips:-|”

    Kris: I disagree, reason being that if there isn’t any chemistry, a date shouldn’t have been arranged in the first place. Dates only occur when there is a chemistry, a mutual attraction(either physical or mental). Any dates that occur for reasons outside of this, such as blind dates, etc. are of course outside of the norm(I have heard of some working, but most usually flop), but even in the case of a blind date, these tips will apply. Now naturally these tips won’t work for everyone, some people are shy and don’t want the lime light, but it is up to you as one of the participants to adjust for the correct situation. We here at Hot Tamales really just try to provide the most successful tips for most, not all, situations.

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