Avoiding Arguements

Laura’s Take: When problems come along, some people decide it’s safer to just ignore them. Never a good decision! Please please please don’t do this. Unresolved issues can just build up causing even more problems between the two. There have been times where Kris wants to get off the phone when things get a little heated. Honestly, it just makes me more upset. Yes Sweety, it’s true. Having open communications is one of the most important factors to a strong, happy relationship. Don’t worry about what the other will say, you need to tell them how you feel, otherwise nothing is going to be fixed. How will he know to stop watching ESPN when you’re eating dinner unless you tell him? Serious couples need to take the time to listen to each other, find out what’s bothering them, and sit down and discuss a solution to the problem. What do you think Kris?

Kris’ Take: I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it’s hard to admit when you’re in the wrong. I think all men struggle with this issue, but being right isn’t what makes a man, it’s being man enough to admit it when you’re wrong. And sometimes it seems easier to just let the problem go away on its own, but what it really does is leave behind a little bad memory that builds and builds. Discussing these things is the best way to prevent that sudden surprise of emotion. There’s no use in letting something as beautiful as a great relationship get wrecked over something that could’ve just been talked out.

Men, I must say, apologize to your princess and talk things out. How important is it to be right? Because if it’s worth your relationship, why are you wasting each other’s time?


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