What do you want for Christmas?

Laura’s Take: Don’t know what to get your lovely wife or girlfriend for Christmas? Jewelry is always a hit, which unfortunately makes it very predictable. Think, what has she mentioned earlier in the year? Buying something she wanted a while ago, is always a great way to show you listen to her and you care enough to remember. Can’t think of anything? Think about what things she likes to do, such as baking, painting, or gardening and buy her something she could use for such. Still perplexed? Just ask her mom. Mother knows best!

By the way, If she specifically says she wants something, don’t be daring and buy her something else. Women know what they want, they can spend hours shopping to find that perfect dress, necklace, or watch. So if she says, I want this dress, don’t try buying a different one. No, the element of surprise isn’t there, but she’ll be much happier getting what she really wants. She knows what she wants, and it’s a black and teal sequin cowl neck cocktail dress!

 Kris’ Take:  Wow!  I better read carefully here, I hope there’s nothing I’m forgetting :-/  But I must agree, it’s kind of obvious, once the princess puts her foot down, it’s best to abide.  But I must also say the same thing for men.  We will drop hints constantly, just short of holding up signs neon signs.  Men like lots of things such as: TVs, Video Games, Some like jewelry, lots of practical things like tools, and for those married couples I’ve never heard of guys complaining about Lingerie, but not for the guy…  Short of all of those ideas each man is unique, they have hobbies, buy something that will enhance that for them.

When push comes to shove, if someone absolutely wants something, I think it’s better to get that.  You can always save the element of surprise for a different day.  It never hurts to bring home a surprise boquet of flowers when she’s had a bad day.


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