Merry Christmas!

Kris:  Sorry about the lack of updates but we all know how this holiday season can get!  I had a very lovely time with Laura.  We did our gift exchange and talked quite a bit about the things we received.  She did the most amazing job of getting me a gift that I wanted… while I was there.  Worse yet, the gift was probably about a grand total of 4 feet away from me the whole ride home  WHOLE 45 minute ride home!  I had no clue either just because she is that crafty!  I was in complete disbelief when I opened it and she started telling me the story.  It’s like one of those movies where you don’t understand how everything happened.  Then, as it starts unraveling it shows you all of the obvious clues that were laid out before you!  Then you’re thinking “UUHhhhh, how did I not know!?”  Anywho, my Christmas was grand, if you’d like let us know how yours went!  If you guys did anything romantic and creative let us know too!  Until next time.


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