Date Idea: Leaving on a jet plane

Kris’ Take: Okay, so we’re not quite leaving, but today Laura and I will most likely be picnicking while airplanes fly over our heads. This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while. Kind of reminiscent of one of my favorite scenes from Wayne’s World where Wayne and Garth sit atop a gremlin and watch planes fly over. I figured this would be a fun spin on a picnic, at the very worst something different. We’ll see if it flops or not, but I think all in all it should be fun. It’ll also be nice because it’ll give us a chance to just enjoy each other’s company.

Laura’s Take: Well I think the airplane picnic was a fun idea… but it got a bit loud everytime a plane landed by us. Not trying to complain, I got so excited when I saw another plane coming in for a landing! It was definitely really exciting and gave us lots time and things to talk about, like what places we wanted to visit and such. It was a neat experience and I’m glad we did something other than the usual picnic at the park. Overall, I’d say the idea was a success.

Hot Tamales rates this idea:
3 out of 5 Hearts

One Response to “Date Idea: Leaving on a jet plane”

  1. Mona Lisa Says:

    My personal take on this is that it would be exciting seeing the planes come in and taking off, but it wouldn’t be the most romantic thing as far as a “Date.” Now if you had tickets for a Broadway show in New York and had made plans to go there, that would certainly get my attention…..;)

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