Yeah We Match

Kris’ Take:  I’m a very devoted Fiancee, and because of that I’m what most guys called “whipped,” but that’s okay, because they’re whipped too, they just try to not admit it.  The guys I know that aren’t whipped are single, and they want to be in a relationship, so they have whipped envy.  With that said, I will proudly admit that sometimes Laura and I match things, like shirts.  I have this burgundy polo that she likes a lot and sometimes she’ll wear hers at the same time.  But this Christmas we took it one step further, I got her a watch that looks quite similar to mine, although it is much more feminine.  If my watch were to take a bunch of estrogen pills, it would turn into her watch.  That’s all.  Just figured I’d let you guys know.  Oh and men:  women really like this matching thing, they think it’s cute (most women, if I cause relationship problems because she doesn’t like you in pink that is your fault.).  Have a great day!


2 Responses to “Yeah We Match”

  1. Cyberevolution Says:

    Hey thanks for the whole….matching things heads up, I’ll bear that one in mind; IF I am lucky enough to wind up in a relationship….. yes I admit; I have whipped envy real bad! Oh and by the way, I just uploaded a ruck load of Christmas Snaps from my Hong Kong trip, you guys feel free to have a wander; and a “virtual” trip if you like 🙂

  2. mistyjade Says:

    I Have Whipped Envy! And I have Blogroll now too!
    Thanks for the letting me know I lost it in the first place!

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