Men want to be treated like men pt.2

Kris:  Due to the popularity of my last post “Men want to be treated like men” I’m posting this follow up.  My first one started out as more of a light hearted funny post, but there have been so many search engine clicks from women searching for the phrase “how to treat men” that I realize there is a real need for this information.  Women have the same problem men do, we don’t know what each other is thinking.  Now, while what I write won’t apply to nearly all men, I’ll try to be as thorough as possible.

I was completely serious when I said that I like to feel like the man.  I like doing the guy things, and in our current state of sociology this has become considered chauvinistic.  It is now a bad thing to designate certain activities as guyish and girlish, because everyone can do what everyone else does.  I admit that I am sensitive, and this is considered a feminine quality.  I’m okay with that because it allows my fiancee and I to connect on a better level.  This doesn’t mean I’m not a man, just as a woman with masculine qualities would still be a woman.

What do men truly want?  I like to feel like the man, I also like to feel attractive.  Any man who denies this is lieing.  If you want to test this, just tell your man today “Wow, you look really good.”  See if he doesn’t smile a little bit.  Men love feeling attractive.  It’s okay to puff a guys manliness up to make him feel special.  If he’s strong hug his arm and comment on how he’s your big strong man.  If he’s really intelligent, listen to what he has to say with intent, if he impresses you with a new insight then compliment him.  We try all the time to impress you and win you over with our best features (Not all guys do this, some think when they get the catch they can let go.).

We like thoughtful little somethings.  Like if you’re out and you see something small that you think your guy might like, pick it up.  Now this isn’t something you do often, but when you feel it might be an appreciated gesture, try it.  Notes!!!  I love notes, when Laura leaves me cute little handwritten notes telling me that she loves me, I adore them.  I think I’ve kept every single one of them.  Some guys really try to push the manly button and think this is mushy crap that is useless.  If your guy is that guy, this probably won’t work.

 I hate to leave anyone with the feeling of incomplete information, but what this all comes down to is knowing what type of guy you have.  Then from there you can truly know what he wants.


10 Responses to “Men want to be treated like men pt.2”

  1. houstonsocialbutterfly Says:

    Happy New Year!

    Are you up for a round of tag? Hope you don’t mind, I’ve tagged you. Please read my post I’ve been tagged…

  2. Red Wine Gums Says:

    Good post. Now if only I had that girl…

  3. Cyberevolution Says:

    er…. yeah wot Red Wine Gums said =P

  4. Cyberevolution Says:

    Thanks for the comments about the new look of my blog! and… eeek!! I hadn’t quite intended that last post to be a public post, shows how awake I was when I did it….

    oh well….

  5. mistyjade Says:

    OK I’ll keep that in mind for future reference!

  6. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    Hey there,
    Well I just came across this post and it caught my attention. Men want to be treated like men. It sounds straight forward enough right?!

    I totally agree with you. Women these days are becoming even more and more independent with their lives. They have more control over their careers, child birth .. And now their partners.

    This is not a good evolution I don’t think .. And it doesn’t seem to be working. The main problem today is that women are taking the same aggression they have in the workplace and applying it to their relationships.

    Men don’t like this. They are the ones that like to feel in control, that they can provide and protect their partner and their family. Somehow when your girlfriend tells you what time YOU should be eating and wants to take care of YOUR finances because she thinks that you are incompetent … Somehow that kind of kills the feeling for the man that he is capable of being a man and it therefore kills the intimacy.

    Then the chick goes on to blame her success and her independence on her not being able to find the right guy! It’s a vicious cycle I know.

    The one thing I believe in this day in age .. is that when it comes to dating, let the man be the man, let him chase, let him protect you … and as the girl you will feel more nurtured and cherished then ever before .. that if you remember what its like to be treated well by a man

    Hot Alpha Female


  7. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: Very well spoken! My fiancee feels the same way as you do. I would never think that Laura was incapable of doing things that I do, but she knows how to treat her man. She wants to be treated like a lady. I open doors for her, I make sure she’s feeling okay, and if she ever wants or needs anything I go get it. She likes me being the gentleman, and I like her being the lady. I heard a story of a woman trying to sue a guy at a university because he held the door for her, she considered it sexist. To that I say “Get over yourself.” I think every man knows full well that a woman is capable of opening her own door, we do it to be courteous and gentlemanly.

    Laura’s Take: Darn straight! I’m a woman and I want all of the good stuff that comes with it! I like when Kris holds the door or kisses my hand! Any woman who turns those kinds of gestures down is crazy.

  8. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    Hi guys,
    I think its ironic how you say that laura knows how to treat her man … and that involves her ‘letting you” treat her like one. Its such a simple and wonderful concept though and for some reason women these days have totally forgotten it!

    They are all about lets take control of every area of our life, including our partner because they dont want to feel vunerable.

    You post is just a remember that us girls need to remember how to recieve.

    thanks guys

    Hot Alpha Female

  9. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: Anytime! I hope this helps shed some light upon the subject because I know both men and women always want to know what each other wants. And while it’s not true for everyone, I think that as humans, we tend to complicate a fairly simple issue as to say “No, it can’t be that easy, there must be more!” So we make it into this horrible complicated thing.

    Laura’s Take: I agree, I just want to be treated like a lady, and Kris just wants to be treated like a man. we keep it simple.

  10. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

    Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that chat who told me to visit your site 🙂

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