Don’t go to bed angry

Laura’s Take: In nearly any relationship, you’re going to have arguments. One of the most important pieces of advice I’ve learned from my parents has been not to go to bed angry. No matter who’s fault it is, make sure that if you see the other not breaking down, step up and be the mature one. Break the silence with an apology and get to making up!

Kris’ Take:  This is so true, and I have a big problem with this sometimes.  Sometimes it’s hard to man up and say “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”  It’s a huge blow to a guy’s ego, but it’s necessary also.  I know that it’s important to prove a point, but at what cost are you willing to prove it?  And ladies, please understand that we’re not trying to be jerks.  It’s hugely difficult for men to break down and say that we’re in the wrong.  I think it’s that stubborn testosterone!  Anyways, apologize, make up, and go to bed.  You’ll be so much happier that you did.  Imagine waking up the next morning and being happy to see each other rather than not talk at all.  [shiver]


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