Is it Better to Wait?

Laura’s Take: Controversial topic, I know… but it’s an important one. Waiting to have sex til marriage is something that can be very beneficial for serious couples. Many people claim that sex is the most crucial part of a relationship. This statement can’t be further from the truth. If a new couple spend all their time together in the bedroom, they’re not giving themselves the opportunity to get to know each other. How can you know if you truly love someone if you never take the time to learn about them? When sex is not involved, it allows a couple to focus on things that are more important for a relationship, like learning about each other’s personal philosophies, knowing and loving each other’s personalities, and caring about each other’s hopes and dreams and trying to help reach them. When you finally realize that you love someone with all your heart, make it official and get married before family, friends, and God. You have the rest of your life to spend intimate time with someone, why not make sure it’s the right someone.

Kris’ Take: I know most of our readers will probably be surprised, but I couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen so many times that these girls think that if they give the guy what he wants then he might like her more. This happens especially with teenage girls who are just really confused as to what relationships are really about. All they see on T.V. is sex and divorce, so then they think that relationships are about sex, and once they start fighting too much they are supposed to divorce and move on to the next guy. The truth is that the relationship should be formed before anything physical is involved. It’s the only way to possibly know that your guy will be there the next day. Get to know each other, do some activities together.

Find out each other’s pet peeves and habits. The more you know about each other the better the decision you can make. I know this all might sound old fashioned but here’s something for you to think about. Today, the divorce rate is at 50%. That means out of every two marriages, one will become divorced. That means lengthy legal fights, and you may end up dragging your poor innocent kids into the mix. I am the product of a broken home, and my parents tried very hard to keep us out of it, but it’s impossible. They still fight over us for the holidays. So if the divorce rate is horrible now, then I think it’s time people return to our old fashioned ways. From the mid 1900s and earlier you never heard of a 50% divorce rate! Why fix what wasn’t broken?

Wait until marriage. Guys won’t like you more if you’re giving it up. You’ll think they are, but they’ll actually be liking something else. Form the relationship first. If a guy can’t make it without it, then it might be time to find a guy who’s more accommodating to your needs.


2 Responses to “Is it Better to Wait?”

  1. Peanut Butter Jo Says:

    You guys have a lot of great advice for couples. It’s really refreshing to hear a guy finally being honest about these things.

  2. truthtold Says:


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