Valentine’s Day Tips

Laura’s Take: So we’re less than a month away and I’m sure you all aren’t scrambling yet, but time is a tickin’. Here’s just a few helpful tips that can really make an impression this Valentine’s Day.

Gift Giving:

Flowers and candy are traditional, but are also a bit of a cliché now a days. I’m not trying to say that flowers and candy aren’t a good idea. If you think she’s expecting them, then don’t try skipping them. I just think that instead of buying her something that’ll disappear in a few days, get her something that’ll last. If you’re a new couple, try a cute heart picture frame with a picture of the two of you. It’s a sweet memento that he or she can put in their room and see everyday. It’s fun to look back at old photos of when Kris and I started dating. If you’ve been dating awhile, try something a little more elaborate, such as an engraved picture frame, heart shaped bracelet, or even a ring… ~wink wink~ If you still want to be traditional and give her something to stimulate her sweet tooth, try making it yourself! It’s always nice to see a man who’s willing to bake for his woman!


Remember growing up and handing out Snoopy Valentines to everyone in your second grade class? They’re nice for 9 year olds, but not for a date. Buy a nice card (Hallmark) and write something sweet in it. If you really want to make an impression, make your own old fashioned Valentine. If you’re going to make your own Valentine, make sure you don’t skimp on any materials and take your time and really put some effort into it. If you work hard on it, it’ll show.


Obviously you don’t want to take your Valentine out for pizza, unless of course you know a classy pizza place. (Good Luck with that) My suggestion is that you find a nice restaurant with a romantic ambiance. When you’re seated, go straight to the dessert menu and have dessert before your dinner. After all, sometimes you’re too full to even get to dessert. (Something my mom taught me) Want to go a different route, make dinner! Find a nice recipe for two and set up the table with plenty of candles. Making dinner for your sweetheart is a great way to show them just how much you love them!

Kris’ Take: Now because this holiday is meant for our princesses it’s impossible for me to refute anything that Laura has said. I’d tell you what I’m planing on doing but then Laura wouldn’t be all that surprised 🙂 So gentlemen, listen to any hints she might be dropping, and if you’re not getting any hints, listen to what Laura said, she gives good advice!


4 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Tips”

  1. datingstips Says:

    The fact that should be remember is, when you really love someone, your body language very closely mimics the body language of people in love
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  2. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: I’m not quite sure what you mean, if you could elaborate that would be wonderful.

  3. Mona Lisa Says:

    I have to say Laura you have some Wonderful ideas for Valentines and Kris your a smart guy who seems to really listen to the advice of your significant other……Now on the other hand I haven’t got a CLUE what datingstips is asking, but as far as Body Language is concerned, keep it thoughtful and kind and you’ll have wonderful results…..

  4. Mona Lisa Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention, there is a site called and honestly after being married for 25 years I would LOVE to receive a Beautiful Gift Basket, with a sweet card enclosed…..Gift Giving shouldn’t be so hard and I just recalled how these baskets made me feel….Check it out…

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