Don’t Forget What You Do Have

Kris’ Take:  Every morning I listen to morning shows on the radio.  I hear people asking for help because of this and that.  There are a lot of people out there in need of something, and one thing I commonly hear brought up is how people are lonely.  As humans, we have a need to be wanted or accepted.  A husband, wife, fiancee, boyfriend, or girlfriend fulfills this need, but many people forget the feeling of being alone.  It gets caught up in complaints about how the other snores too loud, didn’t cut the grass, or forgot to wash the dishes.  And sometimes it even gets taken as far as divorce.  What each of us needs to do is re-evaluate the importance of people in our lives.  How would you feel if they weren’t in your life?  How would you feel being completely and utterly alone?  Some people would say they’d be just fine.  But for how long?  Those people I feel are extremely short sighted, and I don’t think they realize they’d soon be seeking out friends to fill the void. 

It’s okay to complain when you’re frustrated, but at the end of the day make sure the two of you are hugging and cuddling.  You never know what tomorrow may bring, and that’s if tomorrow ever comes.  Be happy and proud that you have someone in your life, because there are people who pray constantly to have that kind of companionship in their life.  Today I heard a statistic that 70% of wealthy men over the age of 55 said the two most important things to judge their success was:

1. Having a happy and loving family.

2. Being able to retire early.

Why did they want to retire early?  So they could spend time with their happy and loving family.  That means that men who consider themselves successful measure that by having a family, not how many figures are in their bank account!  So remember:  while you’re busy complaining about the wife, husband, or kids you have, there are other people out their who would love to have the blessings you’ve got.  Don’t forget what you do have.


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