Online Dating: Do’s and Dont’s

Check out  Online Dating: Do’s and Don’ts for a comprehensive online dating guide!

10 Responses to “Online Dating: Do’s and Dont’s”

  1. Mona Lisa Says:

    “Internet Dating” really has it’s ups and it’s downs and I am glad you were able to put a few of them out there…I really like the one where you mention the deception in regards to pictures, it’s true as someone can put up an old picture of themselevs that would be a real turn off!!! I also agree on your number 7. I often read foul language on Myspace, Facebook and other sites from young girls and it’s disgusting, Guys usually have the same problem…I wouldn’t want my adult kids to date people who curse every word……Great List!

  2. Serious & Speed Dating News » Online Dating: Do’s and Don’t Says:

    […] Online Dating: Do’s and Don’t By Hot Tamales Laura’s Take: It’s amazing how many commercials I see for eHarmony, the famous online dating site. Nearly everyday I hear about how they just filled out this quick profile and Boom! Instant Love! Well it’s not quite that simple. … HotTamales! – Love Stories, Tips… – […]

  3. Jen Love Says:

    Great list of do’s and dont’s. I agree put an acurate pic up. I dont want a pic of someone 10 years ago…lots can change in only a year.

  4. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Great article! It really covers a lot of points about online dating. One thing that I would add is for people that want to try it … to keep a very open mind about the concept in general. I have tried it and met some absolutely amazing people some of which are my best friends now. While I didn’t find my ideal partner on there, I would say that it was a very worthwhile exercise and really opened by eyes to the fact that online dating isn’t that scary or desperate at all!

    One tip to remember though is about safety, which is always an issue. So I would say only go out with those people whom you have been speaking to a little while and want to meet you in a public place and don’t put too much pressure in wanting to meet up with you. Always trust your gut feeling and if you have a bad feeling about someone, then don’t go to meet them.

    With that in mind, remember to not discount people so quickly just by their profile. Look through their profile and do your best to see the person for what they are. At the end of the day, when you decide not to talk to someone or send them reciprocal messages you can still hurt their feelings .. So be gentle

    Hot Alpha Female

  5. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: Those are all great tips to keep in mind. Safety online is a huge problem as we see in the news everyday, and I think that people are so used to the internet that it’s becoming an afterthought.

    Laura’s Take: Yes, absolutely. There seems to always be a few who try to ruin everything.

  6. indian matrimonials Says:

    really nice one and keep it up!

    Kris’ Take: Thanks, but since you posted this exact comment on two of our posts, I’ve removed your links. Only a good constructive comment gets a link. See Hot Alpha Female’s comments for a good constructive comment.

  7. Im2ortal Says:

    I really enjoyed the article. This is really interesting structure, seeing what you both have to say on a topic.

    Jist for a sec, I want to cover something that I think you’ve missed:

    Don’t hesitate to ask for information you might need. Get enough pictures, ask if your date is a smoker/drinker, or anything you may want to consider. It is good for you and actually shows that you are picky and also that you are not needy and insecure!

    And one more thing. Great comment about being open minded. Honestly I’ve met one of the best girls I know – online. We’ve dated, it was great, now we are good friends and enjoy a drink from time to time. So use it 😉


  8. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    Sometimes when it comes to online dating we tend to be more pickier than it we just met some guy/girl in a bookstore or shopping center, or club for that matter.

    I guess this is excusable because of the type of vehicle that the internet is though.

    Provided that you screen fairly .. then its worth giving a go. I have met some extremly great people over the net. One of which is my best and closest friends now …

    Hot Alpha Female

  9. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: I think people tend to be more picky on the internet for a couple of reasons:

    1. You won’t really hurt someones feelings if you ignore them.

    2. There’s a larger pool of people.

    3. Just because

    okay, I was kidding on the third one, but you get the point.

  10. Peter Says:

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