Date Tip: Sound of Silence

Laura’s Take: Absolutely nothing can be a worse dating don’t than this, or at least in my opinion. Kris would probably still say it’s blowing your nose, but that’s a whole other post. So you pick up this beautiful girl, you open all the doors, take her to a romantic restaurant and even remember to pull out her chair. You’ve ordered your dinner and now comes the silence. Silence at the dinner table is almost the worst thing that can happen on a first date. I say almost because there are always worse alternatives. But honestly, having a boring conversation will make any date a flop. So before you pick up your date, think about what you already know about her. If it’s a blind date, just think about what kinds of things you’d like to know about her, such as hobbies, family, career, etc. Now make a mental list of these things and when you can feel the conversation growing quiet, pull out a question. Who knows, maybe the conversation will just flow and you don’t need to, but it’s always reassuring to know you have a backup plan.

Kris’ Take: I do agree, but the blowing the nose thing would go on that list of alternatives. Men, please take notice that Laura mentions thinking of questions to ask HER. I don’t care how good your job is, how high your pay is, or how big your house or condo in Cali is; the date is about her. Unless she asks you these questions, focus on her, and get to know her. It shows that you’re interested, and she’ll be happy that there is conversation. You can say so much more by listening and responding to what she has to say rather than giving your biography. Many women listen to the underlying idea, you could be telling her all of these great things, and what she’ll be hearing is “Me, me, me, oh more about me, did you know that I, Blah blah blah.” She’ll think that you’re completely self involved and full of conceit. You’ll be thinking you’re just keeping the date going, but she’ll be thinking “this dates over.” Ask about her, if she wants to know about you, she’ll chime in with a “what about you?” Give her a concise answer and get back to her.


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