Work Husband and Work Wife Pt. 2

Kris’ Take: I just wanted to give you all an update as to why relationships in America are deteriorating, this is an article I found at CNN. What’s worse is that they actually say there is a place you should draw the line, like there is some kind of moral behind this. How about not ever engaging in flirting at work when you’re in a relationship? They even try to “class it up” by mentioning how it could lead to possible temptation of adultery. That kind of thinking can justify anything! “Why do you want to play russian roulette?” “Because there is a chance I could win” This is a good example of how people are willing to throw everything on an altar so they can enhance their careers, I’m thoroughly disgusted. Don’t start a family if you’re looking for flings, all you’ll do is hurt so many more people than yourself. They even have a story in there about a woman who was flirting while pregnant with her second child!
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7 Responses to “Work Husband and Work Wife Pt. 2”

  1. The Wife Says:

    I agree with you completely! I am continually shocked that people don’t set limits on their behavior. It seems so obvious in a world where adultery and divorce are rampant. Isn’t it just common sense that if you are interested in protecting your marriage, you have to actually take conscious measures to do so… ? Thanks for highlighting this article. It’s a disturbing topic, but one worth thinking about.

  2. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    Ohhh crap this article just made me realize what has been happening at my work. I feel like someone just splashed a bucket of cold water on my head and screamed out at me the obvious!

    Im single, he is married we banter quite a lot and give each other hugs. The attention is nice, but I certainly would never dream of anything romantic ever happening.

    But this article does bring up a very good point. I don’t think that it is very healthy to be flirting at the workplace. Doesn’t that just go to show that your emotional needs are not being met by your partner that you have to look else where to get them

    I can totally see how it IS a form of cheating, because you are not devoting your affection to the ONE person that deserves it exclusively (aka your partner)

    I would find it very unsetting if I found out my partner was flirting with a work college, to me that would be totally cheating. I can definitely see how much an “occurrence” would damage any healthy relationship.

    Hot Alpha Female

  3. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: Alpha, I’m glad that you’re true to yourself. Many people that find themselves doing these things will actually defend their actions rather than admit that they might be crossing a certain line. Now the fact that you’re single makes it semi okay to flirt at work (Once again, it’s work, but minor things that won’t endanger your job should be okay.) but make sure the other person is single too. It really should be his job to not flirt but if he won’t do it then for the sake of his relationship with his wife, you may need to make that decision for him. Just think of how awful it would be if their relationship didn’t work out because of this work relationship. I think you flirting with another single guy is fine, but this guy needs to re-evaluate himself.

    I hope this post has helped you out, and I hope the guy at work can get his relationship back on track, because I couldn’t imagine being a loving and faithful husband just to find out that my wife were hugging on other guys at work! I would be so heart broken.

  4. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    Hi Kris,
    Well you know self honesty is one the hardest things to have but one of your best weapons in this dating game.

    Sometimes the honest truth, just plain dam sucks though. But thank you for your post, if did help quite a lot. I think I definitely have to take account for the actions on my behalf and be like not so responsive.

    But you know back onto the topic of self honesty. I think that in the dating game that this is so important. Like how many posts have we seen of people who don’t know what to do with their partner who is like cheating on them, or physically abusing them. Isn’t it funny how you hear them come up with all these excuses that justify their partners bad behavior?

    Sometimes in these situations you really need to take a step back, wake up, smell the roses and see what is really going on.

    Thats so sweet what you said about the being heart broken if you found out your partner was hugging a work colleague.

    Every time I come to this blog and see you and laura respond and back each other up .. it reminds me how wonderful, loving and exciting relationships really can be.

    Let just say, its always an inspiration for my blog and for my day =)

    Thanks Guys

    Hot Alpha Female

  5. Mona Lisa Says:

    This whole topic is pretty upsetting and the fact it takes place at a place of employment. Those actions at one time would have called for a “Termination of Employment” if it had been brought to the bosses attention….Honestly there is NO Room for messing around at work, people are hired to do a job in which they are being well paid….If your looking over your shoulder to watch someone else who has your attention, and if their already TAKEN stay the Hell away from them!!!!!! There off limits!!!!

  6. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: Hey Alpha! It truly is unfortunate to see so many people involved in unhealthy relationships and just turn a blind eye to it. It happens all too often and I find it unsettling. There is no love in a relationship like that. But it makes me happy to hear that Laura and I are able to help people and show that loving relationships are real and possible.

    It requires lots of communication, which I’ll admit I fail at sometimes. But Laura and I are always able to get through everything. A cornerstone of our relationship is our faith in God. It reminds us to respect and Love one another, and to be understanding. Without those ideals, no relationship could survive except by dictatorial control, and then it isn’t a relationship, but enslavement.

    Mona Lisa! Hi there, I just addressed your last comment. I’m glad to see that everyone is against people approaching taken people. Even on the CNN article more people were against it than for it but still there are people who find it okay, and that is just sickening. I’ve even heard phrases like “Husbands aren’t roadblocks, they’re speed bumps.” How disgusting is it that men would knowingly approach a married woman? Then there are the women who knowingly go after taken men because they “Like Competition.” It’s a truly sad country we’re in. I’d like to see if people would act this ridiculously in a country like Iraq or Israel where you never know what day will be your last.

    I’m not saying that it doesn’t occur in those countries, but I doubt their divorce rate is 50%. America is the home of McMarriage.

  7. digital cjoy Says:

    I have the weirdest experience of a work boyfriend. He is like mile away but we talk to each other almost everyday, except on sundays, I know his other business trip, and he knows mine. He tells me if he goes to his weekend plans with his girlfriend but I don’t spill mine, I like to keep thing about my relationship in private. But yeah, he travels to visit me and grab a coffee for me if we ever have a meeting. I do listen to him when he needs to vent out his complains on certain people who has now taken over my previous position. But since we are so far from each other, we don’t share lunch or any coffee breaks together.

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