Gift Ideas for Men

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Kris’ Take:  Women always want to know what to get their man for holidays, I’ll do the best I can to provide some general ideas that may help you out.  You’ll have to gauge your guy to make sure these fit with his personality or career, but I think this will be a decent start:

  • A nice watch (Laura got me a very nice one and I loved it!)
  • A new briefcase (This is better for businessmen so get this if it’s needed, or if it’s better than the one he has.)
  • A nice suit (Men like looking good for their women, so if you had him a suit that you say is hot, he’ll probably like it.)
  • A better phone (These have become integral to businessmen)
  • New shoes (I wear my shoes until the sole is gone, Laura doesn’t let this happen to me anymore.)
  • A nice wallet (Nothing worse then a businessman busting out his gray nylon wallet with blue trim.)
  • Cologne (This is kind of a last ditch effort unless the guy doesn’t shut up about it.  Laura had to skew the truth for a whole year about a cologne I liked.  She kept telling me she didn’t like it so I wouldn’t buy it so she could get it for me.  She actually loves the stuff.)
  • Something from one of his hobbies or (I hate using this idea, but it’s safer if you’re unsure of what to get) a gift certificate to one of his favorite hobby stores.
  • If he needs or uses tools a lot you can speak with a home improvements store employee about what tools are nice for his trade.  They can make recommendations on things that can make the job easier, or just upgrade what he already has. (Be sure to keep receipts just in case.)
  • Things for his vehicle like satellite radio, GPS, or various decorations to enhance the look.  (Men typically like their vehicles a lot, and getting things to enhance the ride or make it look nicer are usually a pretty safe bet.)
  • A sentimental gift like a picture frame with your names engraved (As long as your man doesn’t smash beer cans on his head.  Laura did this for me and it sits upon my desk, I really like it.)
  • A vacation. (A little more pricey but fun for you both!)

Those are my ideas for now.  As I think of more I’ll be sure to add them, and if you have any ideas or ones that really worked out well leave them as a comment and I’ll add those too.


9 Responses to “Gift Ideas for Men”

  1. Mona Lisa Says:

    Hmmm it’s beginning to sound as though St.Valentines Day is as commercial as Christmas/Birthdays and whatever other holiday the Greeting Card Business’s has come up with.
    After being married for 25 years, I felt I had a little exposure to some if not all of the things Kris mentioned.
    My take on Valentines day is that BOTH should do something that would be meaningful for one another….The gift buying is over rated and quite personally insensative…Seriously, I could get on my computer and take five minutes to pick out something for my husband of 25 years OR I could make him his favorite dinner, have the candles lit, the dog walked when he gets home from work, have a meaningfull card by his dinner plate and maybe buy a favorite movie we can watch together…..
    Valentines Day is a over rated holiday and honestly after being around for a while, the “Real Meaningful Gifts” will begin to enter into ones mind. If your a young couple remember that you’ll have plenty of time to go to the (Elite Resturants or going on a vacation when your no longer making house payments) Take the time, to focus on the little things first….
    The things of this earth will pass soon enough, one should try to remember that it’s not Always the Gift, but the time we spend together that matters. It’s not about always getting a gift, it’s the time a couple spends together that should be important. Many cannot hardly afford to buy their groceries, let alone, luxuary items…..Keep the day as a reminder of WHO is in your life and why. A person shouldn’t have to buy anothers love with trinkets or costly gifts. Ladies make something special for your man, (like dinner at home) and guys, treat your lady with the loving kindness, but don’t Over do it..Some times all a woman wants is to have his loving arms around her, money can’t buy you love as the song goes…

  2. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: Hey Mona Lisa, glad to see you back! This post wasn’t actually geared towards Valentine’s Day. I get reports daily that show me what people are seraching for online and I try to write posts so that the next time somone searches for that they will get what I feel are honest and good results. So this list is really just a genral list made applicable for any holiday. I feel Valentine’s day is more for the women in our lives so I wouldn’t find it befitting if the women were purchasing gifts for us.

    While I feel similar in many respects as you towards Valentine’s day (such as it being a corporate greeting card holiday) I think that it’s better to approach the day with a positive outlook. You make mention of my suggestion of vacations as though it were a bad suggestion. That may be the case for a younger couple, but we have many readers from many different backgrounds. Including yourself who’s been married 25 years, and we’ve had a couple of other wives comment on this blog also. So for people like you and the other wives and husbands that read this blog, it may not be a far off idea.

    Now you mention elite restaurants, and this has actually come up with in conversation with Laura and I. I had asked her fairly recently if there were any restaurants that she wanted to go to, and she (because she is so understanding) made very modest suggestions.

    Laura knows that I don’t have all the money in the world, in fact, I’ll venture to say that I have a very minute percentage, and I’m trying to save up for a number of things. But at the same time I see so many couples where they are afraid to ask for certain things and I never want Laura to feel like that. So I made the offer that, if she wanted to, we could go to one of those really nice steak houses such as Charley’s, Gallagher’s, or Bern’s. I know that sounds over the top, but I would pull overtime at work if necessary so that I could offset any costs.

    Laura declined my offer knowing that the money could go towards better things, but I know she really did appreciate it. And that’s what matters to me, that Laura understands that I will do anything I can for her.

    To address your last paragraph, I couldn’t agree more. If you feel like you have to buy the person’s love then it’s probably not the healthiest relationship, I’d even say that it may not even work out. And I do not deny that an act of kindness and love is better than any material gift, as I said I wrote this in accordance with what people are looking for. We often endorse doing cute inexpensive things as a pass time rather than expensive, for example we’ve got date ideas for having a picnic at the park, near an airport if you like airplanes (This topic actually gets searched up quite a bit), making creme brulees, making chocolate covered foods, and various other ideas that don’t break the bank.

    I think this post has a more myopic focus where your comment has a far broader focus. I just say enjoy the day, love the person you’re with, and express it whenever possible.

  3. laure Says:

    Edited By Kris: Hello Laure, while I appreciate you leaving a comment, your comment was an advertisment. I don’t mind you endorsing a product you have but also try to address the topic at hand or the discussions that are occuring in the comments. It makes the experience more fun for everyone.

  4. Stefan Says:

    THe one thing that makes a good gift is that it should be something that you normally would not go and buy yourself.

    Cash is probably one of the most boring things to get even for a man. Someone wrote something about a watch and I think that is an excellent idea for men.

    Otherwise I think something that enables a couple to do something together is a great gift. Depnding on how much you are looking to spend, a weekend trip to NY or maybe just a dinner and a hotel night somewhere locally can be fairly easy and nost too costly to organize. This allows us to spend time together and in this busy world, that is probably more important than getting a new surround system. That I can go and buy myself.

    Other suggestions include comedy clubs tickets, tickets to some sport event or concert. Anything that allows you to leave the house and spend some quality time.

    My five cents

  5. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: That’s a good point about how it’s better to get something that you can both enjoy together. I make mention of a vacation but even more simple things that allow for even just a nice night out are all very good ideas. Welcome Stefan, I hope to hear more from you.

  6. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    I think the most important thing to remember is that you guys love each other. So something that is more thoughtful rather than anything else is the most important.

    In this case i think that experiences are much more important that actual material objects. So for me, if i had the choice between a 3 night get away or an expensive watch .. well i would choose the holiday.

    I think Valentines day is about really expressing how much you care about a person. That doesn’t mean that you have to go out any buy the most expensive gift out there to show it. Girls don’t work that way, they score their points differently. Just because you spent more money on something, doesn’t mean that she is going to give you extra points.

    Thats a good thing to remember. A girl will love you more, if you take her to your favorite restaurant, remember something funny about her and do something that she once told you that she always wanted to do. Rather than just buy her a bracelet that you saw, in a last minute shopping spree, because you dint think of what to get her

    chicks really do appreciate the thought … that is unless you got yourself one high maintenance and materialistic girlfriend. then the story might be a little different.

    Hot Alpha Female

  7. Hot Tamales Says:

    Kris’ Take: Most definitely! I always prefer spending quality time with Laura, and I know she feels the same way. It would be unfortunate to get stuck with someone materialistic where a girl will love you only if you buy her nice things, or ditch you if you couldn’t. That’s one of my favorite things about Laura is that she tries to not place unrealistic expectations on me, or threaten to leave me if I can’t buy her something. If you get the slightest scent of ‘gold digger’ run away, that includes women too, there are male gold diggers! It’s easy to spot a gold digging man, and all you have to do is follow one rule of thumb. If you’re paying his way on just about everything and he’s not really making an effort to change the situation you’ve got a Gold Dee Eye Double Guh Err.

  8. Hot Tamales Says:

    Laura’s Take: How do you expect people to take our blog seriously talking like that? lol. I Love You!

  9. Hot Alpha Female Says:

    That brings up a good point Kris. I mean materialism is kind of associated with superficiality. That brings me to this point.

    That you cant have a happy and fulfilling relationship with someone if you only like them on a superficial level. Meaning to say if you are dating someone for their looks, money, status then it wont last. Firstly because these things do not make up a person. Sure they may make him seem more attractive but he is NOT his money looks etc.

    Secondly these superficial things are all things that can be taken away. What happens if this guy has an accident and doesn’t look the same anymore.what happens if his business goes bust and he is publicly shamed. Then all you have left is who he really is.

    If you are ok with that .. and if you love this person without all their possessions, well thats when you know you are really matched.

    i think a lot of gold diggers needs to ask themselves if they would still be with their partners if he didn’t have all these material possessions ….

    Hot Alpha Female

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