Writing Love Notes

Kris’ Take: I’m not going to give you a poem to write, but I will give some tips because Laura and I leave little notes for one another often. Depending on the reason, you may or may not want to write a long, enthralled note. A lot of the information depends on how your significant other feels about reading. I like when Laura writes me long detailed notes but other people might prefer less reading. What ever you do, make sure you express your emotion, and be creative. A note that says I love you is nice and it might be enough to put a smile on their face (It should be at least!). You might want to elaborate how much you love them:

Serious: I love you with all of my heart (I know, a little cliche, but I used it to get my idea across.)

Poetic: I love you from the depths of the ocean to the stars in the sky.

Funny / Creative / Awkward: I love you with the passion of a thousand suns.

No matter what you write, notes are great because they always say something else; that you were thinking about them. That’s probably the most meaningful part of the whole thing. It’s very warming when I find a note that Laura hid because I don’t expect it, and it tells me that she’s thinking of me. I know that Laura thinks of me, but having something like that happen just makes you feel good, and there’s no denying it.

Laura’s Take: I completely agree with you, notes are a great way to let the person you love, know how you feel about them. Some people have a hard time telling someone how they feel in person, and writing notes is a helpful alternative which still gets the point across.

I love hiding notes for Kris. The only problem is I’m very impatient and I want him to find the notes right away so I can hear his response. It’s so much fun finding a cute note from your significant other, especially when you’re not expecting it. When he finally finds it, it puts an instant smile on his face!

My favorite note Kris ever wrote me was from about a year ago. I guess he would put under the “Funny/Creative/Awkward” category. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I’ll do my best. He described things that really love other things, but the love he has for me is even greater than that. Ok, example: “I love you more than Pop-eye loves Spinach.” It was so cute and clever that I keep it in a little box of all the cute stuff he’s given me.


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