Try to not Correct

Laura’s Take: This is some very, very valuable advice, men. Don’t ever provoke a woman to anger, because you won’t like us when we’re angry. And one thing that annoys me more than anything else, is when someone corrects me. It’s the easiest way to put me in a bad mood. I don’t care if I misspell a word, mispronounce a word, or pick a wrong word completely, I just don’t want to feel like my man is going to constantly point out my mistakes to me. I know I make silly mistakes here and there, everyone does, but it’s just down right cruel when you’re being corrected all the time for it.

Kris has learned about this pet peeve of mine. He tries very hard to not correct my errors, just because he knows how upset I get. When it’s something little, is it really necessary to correct the person, especially if you know that they may be sensitive to criticism? If a man could completely avoid an argument just by not correcting his wife, why wouldn’t he just opt to ignore the mispronunciation? I don’t know! Many women, like me, aren’t fans of criticism. We just don’t take it well. So I figure, leave me and my misspelling ways alone and we’ll both get along super!

I’m not trying to say that correcting someone else’s mistakes is always a bad thing, in fact sometimes it can be quite constructive and helpful. If someone honestly believes something that you know is wrong, and could potentially even hurt them in the future, you should let them know they are incorrect. In cases like these, we might be offended at first, but will eventually we’ll thank you for showing us the error of our ways. Otherwise, please try to ignore the little things, they’re just not worth it.

Kris’ Take: Yeah, this is definitely a pet peeve of Laura’s, but I’m getting better about it! Every once in a while I still do it though. I never do it to show her she’s wrong, but because it’s a pet peeve of her’s it’s hard to interpret it that way. This is a good example of figuring out each other so you understand what you can and can’t do. I love Laura a lot so I don’t want to do anything that hurt’s her, so conciously I try not to, but every once in a while it will come up on accident. The only thing I can say is: if this happens to be a pet peeve of yours, let your significant other know so they can try to work on it. And while they’re trying to work on it, you work on your reactions when it happens (This is assuming you have a fairly negative reaction when you’re corrected.). It’s all about communication, without communication the relationship could break down pretty quickly on small things even like this. You need to discuss what bothers the two of you, and find a compromise. Once the compromise is reached everyone needs to commit to it and make it an honest effort.


2 Responses to “Try to not Correct”

  1. cartoonsbysheila Says:

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    Cheers, Sheila

  2. Ivan Says:

    Thanx dear for that educating topic

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