Beautiful Day Out

Kris’ Take: We have so many great technologies; so much so that we stay inside, and we never leave! But I see, especially as of recently, that there are so many beautiful days passing us by. I can assure you that spending a beautiful day out with the person you love will feel so much better than staying inside. I endorse parks so heavily because they are serene, typically quiet, and the more people that go to parks the stronger conservation efforts will be when the time comes to determine whether the park should remain or be mowed down for a parking lot. Being in a calming and beautiful environment promotes a better feeling physically and mentally. This leads to better conversations and I think it would even help with tense situations. Being couped up inside with all of the artificial light and the stuffy air can only perpetuate sad or angry emotions and certainly does not promote a happy or good mental/physical disposition.

I highly suggest going on a nice walk or bike ride through a park, and just enjoy your time together in a beautiful place.


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