Date Idea: Amusement Parks!

Laura’s Take: This is by far my favorite date idea! Kris and I love amusement parks. We’re what you would call “Adrenaline Junkies.” So every so often, Kris and I visit one of the local parks. Living in Florida gives us the advantage over other junkies because it makes visiting theme parks a breeze.

It’s not always a cheap date idea, but it sure is a fun one! It’s especially nice because you get to spend the entire day with your sweety! I can guarantee that both you and your date will have an amazing time, as long as you wear comfortable shoes. Also, make sure you bring zip-lock bags, believe me, you’ll need them.

This is a picture of the roller coaster, Maverick, at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. I don’t know about Kris, but if I could go anywhere in the country, this would be my first pick! 17 roller coasters! 17! The happiness is infectious!

Kris’ Take:  I love theme parks tons!  They are a lot of fun and it’s a good way to spend the day.  It’s fun because you get to be pretty much worry free for the day.  If you go to Busch Gardens in Tampa, you just made a trip to Africa, if you go to Islands of Adventure, you just stepped into the most famous comics ever created.  Theme parks create a great atmosphere for just about any date.  I would definitely suggest this idea.  But beware, calculate for food and souvenirs.  If you think you’re getting out of there without buying those you’re sadly mistaken!  This can be expensive, but so so so much fun.  I agree, 5 hearts!

Hot Tamales rates this idea:

5 out of 5 Hearts

One Response to “Date Idea: Amusement Parks!”

  1. natasha Says:

    i will reccomend this theme park to my auntie in florida if i get a free ride on all of the games and a free plane ride there so take or leave cause i have a lot of family in florida.

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