Do Women Really Like Bad Boys Better?

Laura’s Take: Want to know the truth? The majority of women really DON’T want a jerk boyfriend at all. So why does it always seem like we tend to be more attracted to that bad boy persona? It’s not the fact that we like mean, rude, or arrogant pricks, it’s that we want someone who’s manly. The stereotypical bad boy is strong, takes what he wants and fights anyone willing to challenge him. We want to feel like we’re dating a man, someone who can defend and protect us, and unfortunately it’s that same desire that draws us to bad boys. One of the misconceptions we have about manliness is that men don’t need to act cocky to be considered manly. In fact, guys who act like that are just trying to compensate.

Real men, the kind that women really want, are the caring, nurturing men, who actually love and respect their women. It’s true, we want the nice guy, but we also want to be fought for and protected! It may sound old-fashioned, but we want to be your damsel in distress. We can’t defend ourselves and we need you to take care of us. It’s your job! Now who’s to say you can’t find a sweet, romantic man who’s still willing and able to be your big, strong man! I found one. When it comes to women looking for a serious relationship, the statement that “nice guys finish last” couldn’t be further from the truth.

Kris’ Take:  I can say that nice guys don’t finish last because I consider myself to be nice and I have a wonderful woman.  But just because I’m nice it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t pulverize someone that was hurting her.  It goes along with one of my favorite phrases:  “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.”   I haven’t gotten to use that phrase yet, but I look forward to it!  But in all seriousness, I’m glad to hear that women don’t want to date jerks or badboys, because those kinds of guys only end up getting their women hurt, or they end up in jail.  Neither of which is good, helpful, or healthy for any relationship.


11 Responses to “Do Women Really Like Bad Boys Better?”

  1. HonestChitChat Says:

    I agree with you sister! The thing I find about the keyword here is a “man.” I think there are a lot of “guys” out there, but not very many men. Guys like to date lots of chicks, screw around see what they can get for very little effort. Men on the other hand, they are pursuers, they are confident and aren’t scared to say you are what I want. Guys…they get so nervous they drop their beer on the floor and run out the door.

  2. Hot Tamales Says:

    Laura’s Take: Hey there, Welcome to Hot Tamales! I completely agree with you about the difference between guys and men. The same thing can be said about girls and women. Girls like the immature cockiness of bad boys, while women want a man, someone who is at a point in his life where he’s looking for something serious, not just another fling.

  3. Mona Lisa Says:

    OK, I have to respond on this one. I have a Awesome son, he’s also pretty brilliant, will be graduating from College in two months…His problem, he can’t find a decent girl who Hasn’t already been around!!! Yes, he’d Love to be dating a beautiful girl who has pricipals, and morals, but in honesty there are very few out there and the ones that are, play the “Mind Game!” Sooo in Many Ways, women want their cake and want to be able to eat it to….It shouldn’t ALWAYS be one sided for the benefit of the woman……My son isn’t a Bad guy, but I have heard him say he should become one, as he feels that’s what a woman wants……So Ladies, don’t play the Mind Game, be honest about who you really are…..If your a Player, then go to the places where you’ll get what your looking for..My son doesn’t want someone whose been used, he’s not….so it’s really the person….I see more woman playing the feild than the guys…To respond to “HonestChitChat” my son wouldn’t run out the door, he’d Hold it open for you…Like a gentleman should..perhaps your looking at all the wrong places just as I feel my son may be doing…..

  4. Chickadee Says:

    Really what does any woman want? We want protection, and kindness. We want financial security…thats not to say that I want to be the doted house wife…but, I do want to know that I dont have to be the sole provider and that he can take care of himself. We want to know that when it comes down to it we are the first thing that comes to mind when the guys ask you to go for drinks. we are the first thing that comes up in conversation with any other female…whether we are there beside you or not. We want to know that if it comes down to it, you will be the rock that gets us through the hard parts of life. We dont want you to cause us pain, intentionally. We dont want to have to nag…although we stereotypically do. And we want to be the friend that you never had. We can expect any man to be perfect…but, we can expect a man to want to perfect himself for us. And we do want the door to be held open for us, we want you to walk on the outside of the sidewalk and we want you to use the manners that your mom told you would come in handy one day…and not just when were in public. Most of all we want to be loved like we love you…nothing less

  5. Jon Abbey Says:

    I love to blow off women who flirt with the bad boy then when he does not respond they start on me. I act like they don’t exist and treat them like a charlie nobody. I refust to check them out and chat up other less desirable women and refer to them as a goddess. I know one pathetic female who loved to flirt with this one bad boy, problem was he blew her off, so she figures I will validate and affirm her womanhood, WRONG! I i9gnore her blow her off anf act completely disinterested. I love it, it works like charm…

  6. Mickey Says:

    Yes this is a fantastic subject, I am a bad boy – but there are different catergories of this – I am a bad boy on the basis I consider myself before any woman – now before anyone jumps up like a total idiot let me explain. number one women do not know what they want, whatever they may say is different from what they actually want. second women can be quite ruthless in their selection of men, with test etc, some may deny iot but they all do it, and they dismiss the nice guys as faster than a pizza delivery. Third prediction is boring, nice guys are predictable and women hate that. four women love excite, suspense, emotional feelings in many directions, a bad boy delivers, nice guys do not. Time for the nice guys to wake up there is much to say but I am now getting bored writing this………

  7. colomitalia Says:

    Women want bad boys and when they get tired of getting heartbroken will opt for the good ones. I am done with the Bad Boyz

  8. Mickey Says:

    Colomitalia, your comments say it all……..if you know your heart will be broken but still go back for more, that tells you love the chemistry. I bet you are not done!!!

  9. Billy Says:

    look here at this point in my life i am looking for a (real woman) only immature shallow minded girls go for these bad boy types. they have not learned what a relationship is suppose to be like…and the funny thing to me is when they are all used up they then want a good guy… but by then all of the decent men have been taken by the smart women.. thats why i have quit going to bars and clubs cause the type of women there dont know what a good man is my advice to guys having this problem is take a hard look at the kind of women you are going after

  10. joy Says:

    nice article. keep writing more please.

  11. lacey Says:

    I married my bad boy. He still gets in trouble from time to time (no jail don’t worry lol) Sometimes he embarrasses the hell out of me! He still shocks and excites me almost everyday. He may be a bad boy, but he has always been very good to me.

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