Date Idea: Fun in the Sun

Laura’s Take: Having a beach day is practically mandatory when you’re living in Florida. As you may already know, one of our favorite things to do is to pack a picnic basket and go enjoy the great outdoors. Having a picnic at the beach is a leisurely way to do that!

You and your sweety can lay by the water, soak up some rays, show off how effective your new exercise program is, and take a refreshing dip, that is, if the water’s fine. There’s an added bonus to this idea, it’s ridiculously affordable! So have fun and remember to bring sunscreen.

Kris’ Take: Florida, the sunshine state. Yep, that’s where we live, and beaches are always around. It’s hard for me to understand that I’m in a state that people dream of going on vacation to. I try really hard to remind myself of that everytime I complain about living here. The beaches are beautiful and sunny days aren’t scarce! I have to say days at the beach are rather nice.

Hot Tamales rates this idea:

3.5 out of 5 Hearts

One Response to “Date Idea: Fun in the Sun”

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