Date Idea: Mini Golf!

Laura’s Take: Seriously, How awesome is Mini golf?! It’s fun and makes me feel like a kid again! That has to be my favorite thing about miniature golf. Kris and I love going to play some mini golf because we don’t have to be serious at all, it’s just good, clean, childish fun! And childish can be a good thing. For instance, it’s your first date and you’re both having trouble opening up and being yourself. Mini golf lets you both lighten up and get to having some fun!

It’s fun, easy, and pretty cheap… I’ve never seen a mini golf course that charges more than $15.00 per person. A few things to remember about this date: make sure it is a nice course, not one that just looks like a few holes and a random clown, make sure that it’s one of those adventure themed courses. Congo River Golf is our personal favorite. It really makes the whole experience! Also, don’t forget to make plans for a nice lunch or dinner afterwards. I’m positive that this date will be a hole in one! Sorry for the cheesy phrase, I just had to!

Kris’ Take: I really enjoy playing mini golf. It’s like being at a random small piece of paradise. You have pirate ships, waterfalls, good tropical music. Of course, that all depends on which course you go to. No use in wasting your money, pay the bit extra and go to a nice one. This is a fun day out and it’s not too short or too long. You can still fit other things into your day also, like dinner. I think this makes not only a wonderful first date, but a wonderful date for just about anytime.

Hot Tamales rates this idea:

4 out of 5 Hearts


4 Responses to “Date Idea: Mini Golf!”

  1. truthtold Says:

    Hey Laura,

    I love Mini Golf and think it would be a lot of fun on a date.
    Great Date ideas….

  2. The Wife Says:

    One of my favorite things about mini golf is that it’s very conducive to nice, casual conversation. It’s so relaxing…

  3. Golf Club Rentals Says:

    I second the nice casual conversation part of it. There’s always good people watching as well.

  4. Art Speck Says:

    Enjoyed your article. What I use mini golf for is to practice my putting shots. Cheaper than a round, and easier on the feet for senior golfers.

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