Date Idea: Roller Skating


Kris’ Take:  If you’re not sure of what to do one night you can always take a trip back to when the two of you were younger.  For me, this brings me back to about 8th grade.  Roler skating is cheap, fun, and a great way to spend your night out.  It allows for the two of you to get into a very vulnerable and funny position.  The truth is, no matter how good at skating you once were, if you haven’t been on skates in years, you’re bound to look funny at least the first hour.  This happend to me when Laura and I had gone out.  I didn’t fall… but I came very, very close.

Of course this isn’t the romantic dinner and sunset followed by the long walk on a beach, but it’s a really fun and innocent way to spend your night out, have some laughs, and just enjoy each others company.  You can hold hands, talk, and just have a good time.  And nothing strips your dignity more than doing the chicken dance on roller blades.


One Response to “Date Idea: Roller Skating”

  1. truthtold Says:

    This sure does sound like a LOT of fun….Now for the Helmet, Bumper Pad the back end and elbow pads….Sounds terribly attractive, but hey who cares, it’s FUN!!!! Great Idea…

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