Is It Wrong To Have Friends Of The Opposite Sex?

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Is It Wrong To Have Friends Of The Opposite Sex?

With so many politicians getting caught with their pants down, many people might wonder:  Is it wrong to be friends with someone of the opposite sex?  It is a heated debate that has people fighting on both sides of the line.  Often accusations of trust and control issues are spit forth like bullets from a Tommy Gun, but let’s not be so hasty.  There are people who vehemently oppose the idea of men and women being friends, and there are people that support it.  But who is right?  While it may seem to simplistic to chock it up to “what you feel is right.”  It, unfortunately, almost always comes down to that.

To look at it more objectively, a relationship that avoids each member having friends of the opposite sex will most likely have less a chance of infidelity just for the sole reason of a lack of options.  Laura and I opt to not have friends of the opposite sex.  We don’t do this because we pressure each other, but out of respect to one another.  I would never want Laura to wonder what I’m doing and I know she wouldn’t want me wondering either.  Many might suggest that this is a sign of mistrust, but I beg to differ.  It is within humans nature to reason, and to postulate on things happening.  How often do we try to predict the end of a movie?  It is simply how we work.

It is no different in real life either.  The mind wanders and it’s by no fault of our own.  This can be stopped by simply avoiding the subject to begin with.  I do not feel that I have lost out on anything by not maintaining friendships with females, and Laura has expressed the same belief as well.  But as I stated earlier, it is up to the people involved as to what situation suits the relationship best.  We just chose the road that we felt to be easiest.


3 Responses to “Is It Wrong To Have Friends Of The Opposite Sex?”

  1. Translator Chicago Says:

    Wow! I like this blog. Well said! And I agree completely. I also believe that in order for a couple to protect them from infidelity, they should treat one another as if they are each one’s best friends and, always try to keep the romance sparkling..

    • dudeship Says:

      Well said Translator Chicago!

      They absolutely should treat each other like best friends!!! That’s a point we really try to get across and elaborate on in our book. You should check it out! The link is in one of these comments around here…. : )

  2. dudeship Says:

    Hot Tamales…

    You are a genius. My buddies and I just released a book that speaks extensively on this. You and your readers may be interested in checking it out. You can find it at

    Curious to know what you think!

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