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Is It Wrong To Have Friends Of The Opposite Sex?

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Is It Wrong To Have Friends Of The Opposite Sex?

With so many politicians getting caught with their pants down, many people might wonder:  Is it wrong to be friends with someone of the opposite sex?  It is a heated debate that has people fighting on both sides of the line.  Often accusations of trust and control issues are spit forth like bullets from a Tommy Gun, but let’s not be so hasty.  There are people who vehemently oppose the idea of men and women being friends, and there are people that support it.  But who is right?  While it may seem to simplistic to chock it up to “what you feel is right.”  It, unfortunately, almost always comes down to that.

To look at it more objectively, a relationship that avoids each member having friends of the opposite sex will most likely have less a chance of infidelity just for the sole reason of a lack of options.  Laura and I opt to not have friends of the opposite sex.  We don’t do this because we pressure each other, but out of respect to one another.  I would never want Laura to wonder what I’m doing and I know she wouldn’t want me wondering either.  Many might suggest that this is a sign of mistrust, but I beg to differ.  It is within humans nature to reason, and to postulate on things happening.  How often do we try to predict the end of a movie?  It is simply how we work.

It is no different in real life either.  The mind wanders and it’s by no fault of our own.  This can be stopped by simply avoiding the subject to begin with.  I do not feel that I have lost out on anything by not maintaining friendships with females, and Laura has expressed the same belief as well.  But as I stated earlier, it is up to the people involved as to what situation suits the relationship best.  We just chose the road that we felt to be easiest.

Welcome Our New Friend

We have started up a companion blog for men.  The Blog is designed to help men come up with easy and relatively affordable ways to make the woman in their life feel more special.  Check it out at Special Her!

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Hello Everyone,

Sorry about the long break.  We have been up to a lot lately so we’ve been very busy.  We now write articles for many different places so you’ll probably see us do some updates every once in a while here, and we will also provide links to our other articles also.  I hope everything has been great with all of you and we look forward to making many more new and helpful posts!

Kris & Laura

Date Idea: Roller Skating


Kris’ Take:  If you’re not sure of what to do one night you can always take a trip back to when the two of you were younger.  For me, this brings me back to about 8th grade.  Roler skating is cheap, fun, and a great way to spend your night out.  It allows for the two of you to get into a very vulnerable and funny position.  The truth is, no matter how good at skating you once were, if you haven’t been on skates in years, you’re bound to look funny at least the first hour.  This happend to me when Laura and I had gone out.  I didn’t fall… but I came very, very close.

Of course this isn’t the romantic dinner and sunset followed by the long walk on a beach, but it’s a really fun and innocent way to spend your night out, have some laughs, and just enjoy each others company.  You can hold hands, talk, and just have a good time.  And nothing strips your dignity more than doing the chicken dance on roller blades.

Start a Date Planner

Laura: “What do you want to do?”

Kris: “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Laura: “Do you want get something to eat?”

Kris: “Sure, where do you want to go?”

Laura: “I don’t know, where do you want to go?”

Kris: “Doesn’t matter to me…”

Laura’s Take: I know you’ve heard this conversation before. This is me and Kris nearly everytime we go out! We’ll sometimes even take up to an hour just to figure out what we’ll do for the rest of the day. Kris and I are both pretty organized and well-prepared people. When we couldn’t even decide on what to do for an afternoon, we decided that we needed to make a change.

So here’s what we did. We began writing a list of all the activities that we can do in our town, and I mean every activity, even the ones we probably wouldn’t do. Then we made another list of all the restaurants in the area and grouped them into categories according to price and cuisine. So now when we ask each other about what to do or where to eat, we can easily browse through all of our possible choices.

Kris and I have actually even take this one step further. We’ve completely planned out specific days from start til end. Not everyone can handle this kind of planning, but for Kris and I, it’s just what we needed. With our busy schedules, it’s hard to think of ideas off the top of your head. Planning things ahead of time takes a lot of stress off us and leaves us to just enjoy our time together.

Kris’ Take: I can’t count the number of times that we’ve had that conversation, but we’ve got everything pretty well planned out now so that we don’t need to even worry about what to do. Just look at the schedule and enjoy your day! It’s tough when you’re making the schedule because it can be somewhat tedious, but once it’s done it really makes the rest of your days so much easier. I even know what we’re doing tonight! It’s nice to know what to wear and what I’ll need to do. I highly suggest trying out this idea, especially if you have conversations like the one above!

Date Idea: Mini Golf!

Laura’s Take: Seriously, How awesome is Mini golf?! It’s fun and makes me feel like a kid again! That has to be my favorite thing about miniature golf. Kris and I love going to play some mini golf because we don’t have to be serious at all, it’s just good, clean, childish fun! And childish can be a good thing. For instance, it’s your first date and you’re both having trouble opening up and being yourself. Mini golf lets you both lighten up and get to having some fun!

It’s fun, easy, and pretty cheap… I’ve never seen a mini golf course that charges more than $15.00 per person. A few things to remember about this date: make sure it is a nice course, not one that just looks like a few holes and a random clown, make sure that it’s one of those adventure themed courses. Congo River Golf is our personal favorite. It really makes the whole experience! Also, don’t forget to make plans for a nice lunch or dinner afterwards. I’m positive that this date will be a hole in one! Sorry for the cheesy phrase, I just had to!

Kris’ Take: I really enjoy playing mini golf. It’s like being at a random small piece of paradise. You have pirate ships, waterfalls, good tropical music. Of course, that all depends on which course you go to. No use in wasting your money, pay the bit extra and go to a nice one. This is a fun day out and it’s not too short or too long. You can still fit other things into your day also, like dinner. I think this makes not only a wonderful first date, but a wonderful date for just about anytime.

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