To Be Taken Care of

Kris’ Take: Laura will correct me if I’m wrong, which means that I have to make sure I’m right.  So men, I know for sure one thing that women want.  Women want to be taken care of — to be treated as “the princess they really are” as Laura stated in one of her other replies.  That means giving them the things they need, love, attention, shiny rings, etc.  I try to do nice things for Laura a lot, sometimes I fall flat, but that is bound to happen.  I think this was a pretty fool-proof topic guys, let’s see the girls deny this!

 Laura’s Take: I won’t deny it, Kris. I love being your center of attention, and that’s how it should be! Girls appreciate the occassional sparkly thing, or the random bouquet of flowers, but it’s not the most important thing in the world. I want to know that nothing comes before me, (except God), Not football, not cars, and not your buddies!


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